Here is a small selection of our more popular styles.


The ”Ashlar” style of rundle stone is a full depth minimum 5 inch facing. The stones are squared off and placed in a pattern of half and a quarter bond. The local quarries produce stone with a variety of colors in shades of brown, black and grey



The ”Dry Pack” style is laid up as a full depth veneer without a standard size joint. The stones are carefully placed to fit tightly together creating a refined look. This style can be laid up using many different types of rocks. Rundle stone comes local quarries in the Bow Valley.


The ”Random Design” Rundle Stone is a minimum 5 inch full depth veneer. A mixture of browns and blacks, it is laid up to expose both grains of the stone with large variety of shapes and sizes. The product is purchased from two local Bow Valley quarries and has been a favorite in residential and commercial constructions for many years.



”River Stone” is a 5 to 6 inch full depth facing with a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. It goes well with almost any combination of siding, timber or log work. The product is hand picked from local quarries.



Sandstone comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes. The product comes from quarries as far south as Utah and Colorado; and can be purchased through masonry suppliers in Calgary. From light browns and greys to the reddish tones of the Utah desert, sandstone is a brilliant choice for any building style.